When I was a small girl, eight years old or so, I had Scarlet Fever. The illness is linked to strep throat and utilised to be widespread in young young children. Symptoms of the illness incorporate a rash and fever. At the time, antibiotics had just been invented, and have been not broadly readily available. I never keep in mind if I received antibiotics

Ever considering that then, I have had a heart murmur. I have also been concerned about heart overall health.

My medical professional prescribed a day-to-day aspirin and fish oil to ward off heart attack. Did you know heart attack is the quantity a single killer of females in America? Upsetting as this news is, females can do anything about it. Staying physically active is a single point we can do, and I am focusing on this now.

According to the American Heart Association, 30 minutes of physical activity a day can aid to stop heart attack. Physical activity and exercising differ slightly. Exercising is ordinarily programmed movement, such as undertaking sit-ups and jumping jacks, whereas physical activity consists of all forms of movement — walking, dancing, playing tennis, bicycling, skiing, ice skating, and extra.

You may perhaps have a heart murmur as I do, or been diagnosed with heart illness. Right here are some methods you may perhaps take for a healthier heart.

* Get a physical exam every single year, such as blood stress, cholesterol, and diabetes screening.

* Know your blood stress and cholesterol levels.

* Know your physique mass index, or BMI.

* Keep a wholesome weight, which is much easier stated than completed.

* Consume five-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and a low-fat eating plan. This recommendation comes from Mayo Clinic.

* Twice a week, consume fish that includes Omega-three oils, which aid to stop heart attack. These fish incorporate salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, and fresh, not canned, tuna.

* Or, take 1,000 milligrams of fish oil a day. It has to be the appropriate type of oil, on the other hand, so verify with your medical professional.

* Never smoke. If you smoke, join a smoking cessation plan.

* Get 25-30 minutes of physical activity on most days. I am attempting to do this each day.

* Know the symptoms of heart attack. Guys expertise shortness of breath, weakness, uncommon fatigue, cold sweats, and dizziness. Ladies have some of these symptoms and other folks as nicely: disturbed sleep, uncommon fatigue, indigestion, anxiousness, and some have upper back stress. Quite a few females error their symptoms for flu.

* If you are at danger for heart attack, take a single low-dose aspirin (also referred to as child aspirin) a day. Verify with your medical professional prior to beginning this regimen.

“These are uncomplicated methods,” you may perhaps be muttering to your self. Accurate, but these methods, when added with each other, can have a major effect on your heart overall health. Be proactive! Commence with a handful of methods and operate your way down the list. These methods may perhaps stop a heart attack.