OK. You have managed to develop a profitable crop of chillies for oneself but now you have a dilemma. Effectively, not truly a dilemma extra a challenge.

What can I do to preserve my chillies so that I can use them all year round? Luckily individuals have been faced with this dilemma for thousands of years. As a outcome there are a quantity of options that you can use. Some of them ancient, some of them really modern day.

This ezine write-up will examine, in detail, the method of dehydrating chillies with an electric dehydrator.

Having said that, prior to you start out, there are a handful of fundamentals that we require to cover to assistance you get the most out of your garden and the harvested fruit.

1) It is universally agreed that the greatest method to harvesting your chillies is what is identified as a 'staggered harvest'. No – you never have to be drunk. What it suggests is that you harvest the chillies a quantity of instances all through the increasing season. This will assure you maximize the production from your plants. If the chillies are left on, the plant believes it has accomplished it really is reproductive targets and handful of new fruit will be made. Staggered harvesting guarantees that the plant 'keeps on trying' for the complete length of the increasing season.

2) Unless you are particularly right after green chillies, the greatest method is to harvest ripe fruit with tight, shiny skins that are firm to the touch. Fruit that are prepared really should come off the plant conveniently. If you require to use any force it really is almost certainly greatest to leave it a handful of days prior to attempting once more.

3) Give the fruit a wash and have a second appear to weed out any fruit that have black spots as these will commonly rot and/or go moldy.

OK, you want to smoke your chillies to make your personal chipotles (pronounced chip-ote-lays).

The group right here at Chillies-Down-Beneath.com think that the chipotle is the ultimate chilli. The complicated, smokey flavour and medium level heat are, with out argument, the ideal mixture to go with just about something.

Smoking chillies is an ancient way of preserving them that, as far as we can inform, was began by the Teotihuacan Indians in central America about 500 BC. Their civilization peaked about 200 AD and the Aztecs subsequently adopted chipotles and took them to the art-type they are now.

Smoking chillies is 1 of these activities that is about two-thirds art and 1-third luck. What we will supply under (and it is a pretty lengthy write-up) are reasonably detailed recommendations, nevertheless, you ought to try to remember that they are recommendations to be followed, not strict guidelines guaranteeing a profitable outcome. There are an huge quantity of variables that can adjust the benefits you get, nevertheless, a willingness to experiment a small will take you by way of to a profitable method that performs for you.


The group have employed 3 unique pieces of gear in their quest for the property created chipotle.

The Transportable Fish Smoker

These small guys are roughly 40cm x 30cm and 20cm higher. They are created from galvinised steel also the physique will not rust, nevertheless, make confident you oil the internal rack as that is not galvinised and will rust.

The base of the unit is about 5cm above the 'bottom' and has air holes in the sides so that the methylated spirit burner can be placed underneath.

Inside the unit, wood shavings or saw-dust(see wood additional down this web page) are scattered across the base, which is heated by the burner underneath. The rack sits inside, above the wood shavings/saw-dust and the unit is closed with a tight fitting lid. Mainly because of the size, you will not be smoking vast quantities of chillies, but they are a great, economical tool for beginning to understand what performs, what does not, what you like …. and so on.

If you currently have 1 of these smokers and have employed it for fish or other foods, we strongly recommend you give a great wash prior to smoking your chillies. Otherwise they will choose up all sorts of odd flavours.

The Hooded Gas Barbecue

These babies are fantastic. Probabilities are you have currently got 1, and if not, you really should take into consideration creating it a priority. It is our preferred way of cooking practically something grills, roasts, baking, stir-frys, …..

You require to have at least 1 of the plates inside to be a bar-grill variety (i.e. 1 that is not a strong plate) so that the wood can be exposed to the flame. Wood employed right here comes is commonly in the type off of tiny blocks of a three-10 centimetres square. It ought to be soaked in water prior to use.

If the wood or chillies to be employed are tiny, we make up flat-bottomed wire mesh baskets (about 20cm square with sides three-5cm higher) to hold the stop them falling by way of the grill. It also tends to make it a lot simpler to move points about.

Kettle Barbecue

Practically absolutely everyone is familiar with these barbecues. They have been a ought to have item in the 80's and even though their reputation has faded a small, they are nonetheless a fantastic solution to cook with.

We are thinking of only the charcoal ones right here as we are not confident why anybody would bother with a gas 1. If you want to cook with gas, get a hooded barbecue. Whilst the charcoal does take a lengthy time to cook meat (the major purpose for it really is reputation drop-off), it also imparts a fantastic flavour that is special to the charcoal.

Luckily for you, if you nonetheless have 1, they are ideally suited to smoking chillies.

As soon as the charcoal is burning, it is a easy case of placing wet chunks of your favourite smoking wood on the coals, place your chillies on the rack or in wire baskets (see above) and placing the lid on.

Industrial Smokers

Regrettably I never have access to 1 of these and we apparently cannot afford 1 (a thing about garments for the youngsters) – therefore, I will not talk about them right here.


To make smoke you basically require to apply heat to wood, with out setting it alight.

We've discussed the heat sources above, so now it really is time to appear at the wood.

There are a quantity of solutions obtainable that are not specifically tough to lay your hands on.

* apple

* mesquite

* pear

* hickory

Are normally obtainable at the larger hardware retailers (Bunnings & Mitre 10 in Australia & New Zealand) and barbecue retailers (Barbecues Galore, K-Mart, and so forth).

We know a tiny producer right here in Western Australia who smokes their chillies employing jarrah. The convention has usually been to use non-resinous woods as they impart really an antiseptic flavour, but these jarrah smoked chillies, even though uncommon, are really acceptable. These readers in the eastern half of Australia may perhaps like to attempt redgum – we'd like to hear how you went if you do ! Also, if anyone else has a unique variety of wood they use we'd like to hear about that as well.

What ever you use, there are a couple of points you require to know

* if you are employing a fish smoker, the wood requires to be in the type of saw-dust or fine shavings,

* if you are employing a hooded barbecue or a kettle, the chunks require to be soaked in water for at least an hour prior to.

The Course of action

* Get your wood chunks soaking if that is what you are employing

* De-stem your clean chillies and then slit them in half and de-seed. Most directions inform you basically to place a slit in the chilli, nevertheless, when they are smoked they come to be really leathery and it is a 'pain in the bum' to attempt and take away the seeds then.

* Fire up what ever variety of smoker you are employing. If it really is a transportable fish smoker you never require a great deal time as it heats up quite swiftly. If it really is a hooded, pre-heat for five minutes, and if you are employing a kettle, it will take 15 minutes for your charcoal to be effectively burning.

* Place on your wood. In the transportable fish smoker, scatter the saw-dust/shavings evenly across the bottom about .five-1cm thick. In the hooded bbq place the chunks more than the open grill, and in the kettle, place them straight onto the coals.

* Place your chillies in. What ever you are employing, place them straight onto the rack or grill plate, or into wire baskets and then onto the rack/grill plate.

* Close the hood/lid and verify them each hour. For the transportable fish smoker, you may perhaps want to verify them each half hour for the initial couple of hours to get a really feel for how they are going (it really is a tiny unit and cooks a lot more rapidly).

* Replenish wood if vital.

* Cooking time is in the order of 5hrs for the transportable fish smoker and six-eight hours for the other two when employing jalapenos Cooking instances will lower for thinner fleshed varieties.

* You may perhaps obtain that the chillies will not go entirely dry. If so, you can finish them off in a dehydrator, oven, or outdoors. See our dehydrating web page or our air-drying web page if you are not but familiar with these strategies.

* Completely dried smoked chillies can be stored for years in air-tight containers. Triple bagged, they can also be stored in the freezer, even if not entirely dried out.